Cane Osteopathy

Help in the heart of Oxford

Cane Osteopathy: sports massage and osteopathy in central Oxford

At Cane Osteopathy, I offer help in the heart of Oxford with back pain, neck and shoulder issues, sports injuries, general aches and pains other problems with the muscular and skeletal system.

A typical day might see me working with a professional golfer to increase core stability, helping a sporty teenager with knee rehabilitation, treating an overworked student with back and postural issues, releasing a grandmother's sore, tired shoulders, helping an office worker with migraines and advising an Olympic hopeful on nutritional strategies.

If this sounds like you, or even if you are not sure if I could help, please get in contact and let's see what we can do to get you better.

Who am I?

I'm Patrick Cane, someone who loves sports and (mis)adventure enough to know how most injuries feel!

Wanting to find out more about the body and how to fix or improve it has led me to become qualified as a personal trainer, a sports therapist and an osteopath. My curiosity and fascination with the body has only grown stronger the more I work with helping others out of pain.

Cane Osteopathy is proud to have strong links with the MCC Oxford Cricket Academy, the Oxford Judo club, the Oxford University Powerlifting club, the Oxford Brookes Sports Centre and the Oxford Brookes men's rugby union teams.

CORE Oxford

Cane Osteopathy is a part of CORE Oxford, a team of osteopaths and soft tissue therapists providing treatment in central Oxford.