Cane Osteopathy testimonials

Rather than telling you about some of the results I've had working with different people, I'd like to let them do that in their own words.

"I had tennis elbow, my doctor sent me for physio and lumbar puncture and none of that worked, so I went to see Pat and it was great - after one session I began to feel the difference. He told me what to do going forward and within a few days my arm was as right as rain. Prior to seeing Pat, I must add for weeks I had loads of doctors and pain and physio, this was the worst pain I had ever had, but any muscle issues now Pat is the go-to guy for sure. Thanks again Pat"

"I have been looked aftter by Pat for nearly 7 months! He is a wizard, people! His attitude for people who are suffering from pain like me is very kind and helpful. After treatments, you feel like with Patrick's help all can be changed and sorted. I am very grateful and lucky I been treated by Mr. Cane, he has helped me to start a new life without pain - massive thank you!"
-Alona M

"My psoas is much more relaxed. I had been feeling pain every time I ate due to that and it is completely gone... overall all feels better. Thanks!"
-Ainhoa, Oxford

"Patrick helped me greatly with built up tension in my arms from weight training. This had the added bonus of shrinking a ganglion on my wrist to nothing!"
-Ed, Oxford

"I came to Paddy with a bulged disc that was severely impacting my way of life. I couldn't sit, stand, run let alone play any sport without huge amounts of pain. I now write having just returned from a climbing trip where I summitted a 5000m peak in rural Kyrgyzstan - I felt virtually no pain. Paddy has completely turned things around for me and I can't recommend him enough!"
-Oli, London

"Patrick's help has been invaluable as I pursue my goal of playing professional golf at the highest level. His knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm have played a huge role in my improvement both a golfer and athlete."
-Kevin B, Oxford

"Pat provides an excellent range of physical therapy services and has helped me with all manner of powerlifting and rugby injuries including sore back, shin splints, plantar issues, knee-tracking, grouchy elbows, shoulder pain and a stiff neck. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to the world!"
-Gareth Ellis, Abingdon

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